Test Socket Technology

ACMA Benefits

  • Lessen the number of dedicated MA
  • Less inventory mngmt compared to dedicated ones
  • 100% FPY due to precise holding of device to centre regarding of the size variation
  • Direct cost saving by reduced purchase of dedicated MAS
  • Few in one technology enables the user to test devices from 2mm to 7mm

Zigma Test Contacting Solution Benefits

  • More reliable and sustainable 1st pass yield due to no wear and tear at rear hard stop
  • Longer housing lifespan > 6M insertion
  • No wearing leads to longer MTBA, MTBR, & MTBF
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Increased lifespan of cantact tip

Hinged Contact Insert(Patent Pending) Benefits

  • Reliable and sustainable grounding
  • Longer MTBA
  • Easy assembly and installation
  • For small package from 3 mm and above
  • Saves loadboard ground pad space
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