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Quatris Electroglas Prober

The expert for electroglas prober

Modern semiconductor production demands consistent, accurate and reliable probing for high-volume, low-cost manufacturing. Chipmakers need production-ready wafer probers that get the job done, enabling productivity and yield in any test environment.

Electroglas was the first company to produce a production worthy automatic wafer prober. Electroglas’ range of 200mm and 300mm probers were the first to offer customers such breakthroughs as frictionless motion, non-contact edge sensing, and fiducial alignment to optimize manufacturing processes and achieve higher throughput.


Products and Services:


Prober Platform that we can service & supply:

EG2001 • EG4080X • EG4090 • 4090u • 4090u+ • EG6000 • UF200 • 2000


  • Prober Accuracy Correction

  • 4090U to film frame handling

  • Forcer Loss Registration (FLR) – Closed Loop Detection (Real Time)

  • New Vortex EG Chuck  (10 Degree C Probing)

  • Customized AC Failsafe kit for 4090U/4090U+

  • 4090 DOS Bridge Camera Conversion

  • Real time XY compensation for EG2001

  • Accuracy Measurement Tool for electroglas/TSK

  • Customized Project