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JF Test Socket Technology

ACMA Benefits

  • Lessen the number of dedicated MA

  • Less Inventory Management compared to dedicated ones.

  • 100% FPY due to precise holding of the device to center regarding of the size variation

  • Direct cost saving by the reduced purchase of dedicated MAS

  • Few in one technology enables the user to test devices from 2mm to 7mm

Zigma Test Contacting Solution Benefits

  • More reliable and sustainable 1st pass yield due to no wear and tear at the rear hard stop

  • Longer housing lifespan > 6M insertion

  • No wearing leads to longer MTBA, MTBR, & MTBF

  • Lower cost of ownership

  • Increased lifespan of the contact tip

Hinged Contact Insert(Patent Pending) Benefits

  • Reliable and sustainable grounding

  • Longer MTBA

  • Easy assembly and installation

  • For small package from 3 mm and above

  • Saves load board ground pad space

EZ Contact 

For Analog / RF / Wave Device Testing

The EZ Contact High Performance Test Contacting Solution designed and validated for initial lab characterization through high-volume production test environments. The EZ Contact technology is a proprietary short rigid contacting solution with a single multifunctional elastomer for biasing and controlling contact motion. EZ Contact technology encompasses the patented technology of SWS (Short Wiping Stroke) along with ACF (Advanced Contact Finishing) and TCC (Thermal Conditioning Channel) Technology to meet your most demanding High Performance Electrical and Mechanical Test Requirements. Product is easily integrated into most IC Handler platforms