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Transcend Laser Socket Cleaner

TT-ALS-300 Laser Cleaner is designed to removes oxides, solder stains, etc., on a broad-brushed approach, with laser spot sizes greater than 6mm, short and rapid laser pulses produce micro-plasma burst, shockwave, and thermal pressure which results in the sublimation of the target surface contaminants.

The Laser only removes the surface contaminants without inducing any substrate or plating damage on the pins.



  • Q-Switched ND: Yag Solid-State Laser

  • Servo Motor Driven XY table for automatic and accurate indexing of socket

  • Accurate indexing of socket

  • Water-cooled System

  • Socket Holder Assembly for XY Table (Single Site or Quad Site)

  • User-Friendly Software System

  • Password-Protected Authorization

  • Integrated vacuum system