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About Us

Our History

Transcend Technologies (S) Pte Ltd was founded on 20th January 2003 with an ambition to become a worldwide semiconductor service and solution provider.

We focus on our belief that semiconductor market shall continue to evolve and new opportunity continue to present as such we install a culture of having our employees to “Find the difference to succeed” in this fast and competitive market. After 10 years of Representation and Trading success, we upgrade ourselves to “Dare to be different” and Transcend Technologies expanded into product development, Engineering Services like refurbishment of legacy products and Equipment manufacturing services. Our subsidiary, Transcend Phoenix Solution which focuses on software solutions had finally completed their IOT, the UECC (Universal Equipment Connectivity Controller) that will provide connectivity to any kind of Equipment that requires to connect up to their host network for real-time performance.

Transcend Technologies Inc was incorporated in the Philippines and our first factory was officially open on Oct 2015. The factory offers Refurbishment and Recondition of legacy Test Handling Equipment, Engineering Upgrades and Retrofitting, and Manufacturing of Socket Laser Cleaner. In addition, it will be expanding into a worldwide service support center giving its core competency with both engineering and development capabilities.

Our Corporate Philosophy

Our Partners and Principals

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