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Equipment Service and Value Added Services

Driven by our vision to become the ASIA Center of Excellence for Service Support, we offer a wide range of expertise and services in the Semiconductor Test and Assembly Industry. We offer Multiplatform Equipment Service and other Engineering Services supported by a team of highly professional, well trained and experienced engineers and technicians. From Wafer and Solar Handling and Testing, Trim and Form Singulation, IC Test Handlers and Customizable Inspection and Packaging Equipment.

Equipment Service

  • Machine Rehabilitation and Repair

  • Change Kit Conversion or Retooling

  • Uptime and MUBA Improvement

  • Temperature Evaluation and Calibration

  • Retrofitting, Reverse Engineering and Fabrication

  • Expert Field Service Support

Software Solutions and Services

SECS/GEM/CCS Solutions and Services

  • 100% Connectivity for Multiplatform Environment

  • Enable non-SECS/GEM machines to SECS/GEM Compliance

  • Centralized Control System and Web-Based OEE (WOEE)

  • Paperless system and real-time remote access for data acquisition.

Customization and Enhancement Services

  • User-defined application both hardware and software

  • Networking and connectivity solutions to collate information’s for report generation based on customer requirement

  • Like Oven Monitor and Control System, RMS, Events and Temperature Set-up Query and Log

Turnstile with ESD Control Solution

  • Complete Solution for Employee Entry and Exit via RFID or Barcode Access for Plantwide Manufacturing Requirement

  • Web-based and Centralized Data Collection, Real-time Acquisition, and Reporting

  • ESD Control for Employee Entry and Magnetic Door Lock on Employee Exit with Emergency Bypass and provisions to Emergency Interlock System

Buy, Sell, and Lease of Refurbished Equipments

Transcend has a large number of inventory of Semiconductor Equipment like IC Test Handler, Prober, TNR Machine, and Others. We level up the traditional Sale and Lease of Pre-owned Equipment by restoring each machine to its full working condition and optimized configuration. Supported by Warranty of labor and parts and other value added services like kit conversion or retooling, some upgrades, and customizations based on customer requirement. Transcend provides flexible terms from Direct Sale to Lease to Own Option to adapt on each customer immediate and long-term requirements.

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